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Validation of Numerical Models of the Offshore Wind Turbine From the Alpha Ventus Wind Farm Against Full-Scale Measurements Within OC5 Phase III

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Characterization of Aerodynamics of Small Wind Turbine Blade for Enhanced Performance and Low Cost of Energy

Articles and theses

Nermina Saračević, Uppsala University, Master's thesis
Comparison of electricity production between semisubmersible and spar-buoy floating offshore wind turbines

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A Novel Tool for FEM Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbines With Innovative Visualization Techniques (pdf)

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Development and validation of a finite element software facilitating large-displacement aeroelastic analysis of wind turbines (pdf). Pdf with hyperlinks here.

Popko et al., 2012, Conference paper for ISOPE 2012:
Offshore Code Comparison Collaboration Continuation (OC4) Phase I – Results of Coupled Simulations of an Offshore Wind Turbine with Jacket Support Structure (pdf)

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Ashes: A novel tool for FEM analysis of offshore wind turbines with innovative visualization techniques (pdf)

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Implementation of a modified inverse iteration algorithm in an object-oriented finite element framework

Thomassen, 2008, PhD thesis at NTNU:
Methods for Dynamic Response Analysis and Fatigue Life Estimation of Floating Fish Cages (pdf)


TurbSim by NREL