The analysis ran into a numerical problem

During a simulation, you can encounter the following error message

This generally happens because a numerical value, for example a load or an element length, is infinite or Nan (not a number). It is tricky to find out exactly what caused this issue, but here are some things you should try to troubleshoot the issue
  • check that non of the elements in your model have a very small lenght
  • check that the polars that you are using for your airfoils don't have unphysical properties (such as discontinuities)
  • if the error happens after the simulatio has started, add a Solver sensor and check the loads fields
It is also a good idea to simplify the model as much as possible so that it runs, and then add complexity until the error occurs. For example, if you have a bottom-fixed offshore wind turbine, you can try to
  • remove the RNA and run the simulation
  • disable the aerodynamic, gravity and hydrodynamic loads
  • run the simulation in loads only mode
  • run your model with the RNA only template