IEA 15-MW bladeless eigenfrquencies

1 Test description

In this test, we compare the eigenfrequencies of the support section of the  IEA 15-MW reference wind turbine without blades produced by Ashes with eigenfrequencies obtained from OrcaFlex. The OrcaFlex results wer kindly provided by Saravanan Bhaskaran, PhD student at the Unversity of Maine from the WEMO lab (see

2 Model

The model is the bottom fixed IEA 15-MW, with the blades removed. The soil-structure interaction is modelled using p-y curves as defined in section 5 of the IEA 15-MW document.
It can be recreated by using the Offshore template and using the CSV file available here.

3 Results

The test is considered passed if the results from Ashes are within 10% of the OrcaFlex data. A bar plot comparing the eigenfrequncies is available on the following link: 15-MW no blades eigenfrequencies.pdf