DTU 10-MW whole turbine eigenfrquencies

1 Test description

In this test, we compare the eigenfrequencies of the DTU 10-MW reference wind turbine produced by Ashes to the eigenfrequencies published in Table 6.5 of Bak et al. (2013)

2 Model

The model is the DTU 10-MW reference wind turbine, which can be downloaded from the Published models.
It can be recreated using the Onshore template and using the CSV file available here.

3 Results

The test is considered passed if the results from Ashes are within 5% of the data from the specification document. A bar plot comparing the eigenfrequncies is available on the following link:

https://www.simis.io/downloads/open/benchmarks/current/DTU 10-MW whole turbine eigenfrequencies.pdf