Parameter tag

A parameter tag is a string that refers to a given parameter in an Ashes model. It will generally have the following format:

For example, the tag for the parameter defining the hub radius will be Hub.Radius , where Hub is the part and Radius is the parameter of that part.
The tag defining the type of generator will be RNA.GeneratorType (because the generator type belongs to the RNA part) but the tag for the rated electrical power will be Generator.RatedElectricalPower , because the electrical is a parameter of the Generator part.

You will encounter parameter tags when you deal with a batch CSV file, where the parameter tags will appear on the third row of the file, as shown in the image below:

We recommend that you create a batch CSV file by creating a batch in Ashes with the Batch manager and then exporting the CSV file. This way you will make sure that your parameter tags are correct.