Not a valid tag parameter

When importing a batch CSV file, you can get the following error message:


This occurs when a Parameter tag read from a csv file is not recognised by Ashes. This could happen if there is a typo in the parameter tag, or if you wrote a tag that does not exist in Ashes. As a general rule, we recommend that you create your CSV files by creating a batch in the Batch manager and then export it to CSV file. This way, the parameter tags will be written by Ashes itself and will be correct.

If you are using a CSV file that was created by Ashes and still get this error, it is likely that the CSV file was created with an older version that used different parameter tags. Examples:
 - the tag Rotor.BladeId  is no longer in use, and to select different blades you must use Rotor.BladeType .
 - the part WindTurbineModel  has been renamed to Model . This means that, for example, the tag WindTurbineModel.RotorStiffFlexible  must be changed to Model.RotorStiffFlexible