A rotor moved outside of the boundary of the turbulent wind field

This error message will appear as shown in the image below:

This error occurs when an aerodynamical blade stations is outside of the turbulent wind field. The most common situations where this happens are
 - when the turbulent wind field is smaller than the rotor (for example because it was created for a smaller rotor)
 - when you are using a turbulent wind field that was created for a single rotor turbine on a multi-rotor turbine
 - when the model has moved during the simulation (for example a floater drifting) to the extent that the rotor is outside of the turbulent wind field

The first case is illustrated below:

In this example, the turbulent wind field was created for the NREL 5-MW wind turbine (rotor diameter of 126 m) but used on the DTU 10-MW wind turbine (rotor diameter of 178 m)