Ashes 3.17

Released on 2021-08-30

1 Features/improvements

  • Regular non-linear Stream Function wave theory added
  • Craig Bampton superelement can be used to model monopiles
  • Wind angle output for rotor sensor
  • Extra node added for selecting location of the centre of mass for stiff blades

2 Known issues and workarounds

  • Exporting and importing the floater makes mooring lines disappear. The suggested workaround is to add the mooring lines with the 'Configure moorings' action button
  • Pausing a simulation while using a Python script in automatic mode will stop the simulation and potentially crash.
  • Closing the 'Waiting' window when selecting a Python script in manual mode can crash the software.
  • The velocity triangle shows an airfoil that is rotated 90 degrees wrt what it should be. This has been fixed in Ashes 3.18

3 Bugs fixed

  • Blades in blade database were showing a pre-curve angle even when no pre-curve abgle was defined
  • Batch manager and eigenfrequency solver was very unstable when using a model with the ROSCO controller
  • Crash when selecting turbulent wind from file on a tubular tower only
  • RNAs for IEA 15-MW and DTU 10-MW were not correct
  • The phase of the MacCamy-Fuchs implementation was not correct
  • Repeat duration for irregular waves was not correct. Removed
  • Choosing empty DLL path causes whole program folder to be imported