Actions log file

The Actions log file (also called GUI events log) records the actions you have perormed in Ashes since the last time the software was open.

Note: this file does not contain any information about your model

If you experience a crash with Ashes, you can send the log file by including it in the Crash report. If you want to share the GUI events log file with us when Ashes has not crashed, please follow these steps:

  1. Close all Ashes related windows that might be open 

  2. Open Ashes

  3. Reproduce the error you are contacting us about

  4. Close Ashes Open the %temp% folder. The easiest way to do that is to open an Explorer window, type in %temp% and press Enter, as shown in the picture below

  5. In the %temp% folder, you will find a folder called ashes with a file named ashesaction.log, as shown in the picture below

  6. Send us this file to

  7. To make sure we can help you as effectively as possible, please write in the email:
     - What is the error? Why is what happened not what you expected?
     - What steps did you take in Ashes before the error occurred?
     - What is your use case? What type of results are you trying to obtain with Ashes?
     - Do not hesitate to add screenshots that might help us understand your issue.

Here is an example of the data contained in a GUI events log file: