Python script maximum timeout exceeded

When this error occurs, you will be prompted with the following error message:

This error occurs when you are running a simulation with a Python script and Ashes has not received any information from the Python script for a time longer than the Maximum waiting time set in the Preferences. This can be because
  • the Maximum waiting time is too short and you script takes longer than that time to compute a time step. In that case, you can increase the Maximum waiting time.
  • your Python script has crashed, or has entered an infinite loop. 
  • you are debugging your Python script, and you have stopped it for more than the Maximum waiting time.
  • you have closed your Python script while the simulation was running.
The solutions to solve this problem are generally either
  • run the script in Manual and see if it crashes or enters an infinite loop (or if anything else unexpected happens)
  • increase the Maximum waiting time