DTU 10-MW steady state performance, stiff blades

In this document we compare results produced by Ashes with the DTU 10-MW wind turbine for constant uniform wind speeds ranging from 4 to 25 m.s-1 with those published in Bak et al. (2013). This test is a copy of the test DTU 10-MW steady state performance, with the following modifications: 
  • the rotor model is set to Stiff
  • the cone and tilt angle are set to 0
  • the controller used is the BasicDTUController_StiffStructure controller shipped with Ashes. This is the same as the traditional controller, but the values in wpdata.100  have been adapted to the stiff model

The report with the results can be downloaded here:

https://www.simis.io/downloads/open/benchmarks/current/DTU 10-MW steady state performance - stiff blades.pdf