Benchmark from MacNeal (1985)

In this document we compare results produced by Ashes to results published in the paper by Macneal et al. (1985), who propose different static tests on cantilever beams to verify Finite Element code. The models proposed are created in Ashes, and a dynamic simulation is performed. If the displacement of the tip of the beam at the end of the simulation match the values of Macneal et al. (1985), the tests are considered passed. 

Table 3 from Macneal et al. (1985), which contains the theoretical results used in this benchmark, is reproduced here:

Load caseDisplacement in the direction of the load [m]
Straight beamCurved beamTwisted beam

In-plane shear

Out-of-plane shear



The details of each benchmark are given in the following sections: