Ashes 3.16

Released on 2021-03-22

1 Features/improvements

  • Validation/verification report published online 
  • Mass, shear and elastic center offsets for blades 
  • Cross-section widget for blades 
  • IEA 15-MW wind turbine provided 
  • Precompiled ROSCO controller provided
  • Parameters can be passed on to python controllers 
  • Improvements in error handling for input files

2 Known issues and workarounds

  • Initial pitch has been disabled for this version. To have a structural pitch, use the pitch actuators and the PID controller for the demanded pitch scheme 
  • Exporting and importing the floater makes mooring lines disappear. The suggested workaround is to add the mooring lines with the 'Configure moorings' action button
  • The DTU 10-MW RNA saved in the RNA database has a wrong gearbox ratio: it should be 50 instead of 97
  • The IEA 15-MW RNA saved in the RNA database has a wrong nacelle mass: it should be 630 888 kg instead of 360 888 kg

3 Bugs fixed

  • Importing floater created two tubular towers 
  • Element with unspecified geometry had Area in vbox info 
  • Incorrect error message in batch when path to controller is wrong 
  • Structure was re-created when importing support sections in batch 
  • Blade structure was not saved with the model 
  • Point mass at the Nacelle Center of Mass node was not shown 
  • Hydro coefficients were applied below sea bed