Ashes 3.14

Released on 2020-06-11

1 Features/Improvements

  • Possibility to connect Ashes to Python for developping/debugging control systems 
  • RNA database added for easier handlling of RNAs 
  • Possibility to study single blades added 
  • New wind type 'linear' added 
  • New parameters for polar generation added 
  • Improvements in number formatting 
  • More information added to the info panes 
  • Von Karman model added to turbulent wind creator 
  • FE algorithm now uses only absolute convergence

2 Known bugs and workarounds

  • Turbulent wind generation does not work for multirotor. The suggested workaround is to generate a turbulent wind based on the template models and define the size of the field according to the multirotor model 
  • Rayleigh damping does not work for some models. The suggested workaround is to use mass-proportional damping 
  • Exporting and importing the floater makes mooring lines disappear. The suggested workaround is to add the mooring lines with the 'Configure moorings' action button

3 Bugs fixed

  • Some minor bugs in the Xfoil wrapper have been fixed 
  • Some sensors would display inifite values when RPM and wind were zero 
  • Turbulent wind creator was not taking into account tidal elevation 
  • There was a crash when investigating circular airfoils 
  • There was a crash when opening a blade which arifoils were deleted