Older versions

Version 3.13.1 [2020-03-03]

  • Interpolation method for polars not applied.
  • Blade shape export to STEP file format not working.
  • Version 3.13.0 [2020-02-14]

In Ashes 3.13, the floating template has been removed, but we will include it back shortly.

  • Several improvements to the turbulent wind tool have been implemented
  • Python API for custom made python scripts
  • Super-element: Craig-Bampton theory for substructures has been implemented
  • Structure: Mode shapes can be exported
  • Rayleigh damping has been added for linear elements
  • No ramp-up option for loads implemented
  • Lateral offset for the nacelle center of mass
  • Origin of loads is shown in the info box for nodes
  • Yaw actuators implemented
  • Regression tests run every night to verify code changes
  • Automatic generation of IEC-61400 load cases
  • Airfoils now have a user defined reference point
  • Possibility to impement prebent blades

Bugs fixed
  • Element info was missing for some elements
  • Eigenfrequencies were not taking water filling into account
  • Blade span sensor export was messed up
  • Pitch errors output of the pitch actuator sensor was not shown correctly in the graph
  • Export of rectangular cross-sections was giving wrong output
  • Buoyancy springs were only defined if the floater was defined from bottom upwards
  • Nacelle center of mass offset was dependent of the tilt angle
  • Stability of Ashes generaslly improved 

Version 3.12 [2019-09-09]

  • GUI: after changing parameters, the changes have to be validated
  • GUI: 'Loss of torque' event added
  • GUI: all parts can be made invisible
  • Solver: possibility to swap between HHT and Newmark-Beta methods
  • Solver: Rayleigh damping fully implemented for small deflection elements
  • Solver: Convergence of the solver has been improved
  • Sensors: relative velocity added to blade span sensor
  • Structure: possibility to have a template wuth RNA only and no nacelle
  • Controller: Yaw PID controller added
  • Pitch actuators UX improved
  • User manual and theory manual updated

Bugs fixed
  • Structural and aero pitch angles output was the same
  • The rotor characteristics tool was not using the default polar
  • Element length of main shaft element was not scaled with scaling factor
  • When having two sensors for one part (ex: rotor), removing one sensor would remove both
  • Number of allowed parameters in rectangular shape cross section did not match headers 

Version 3.11 [2019-06-05]

  • Cloud: IBM cloud now supported
  • Hydro: 'Mean sea level' parameter added
  • UX: added error messages when external controller crashes
  • Crash reports sent via https, not as mail, which was blocked by some users' firewall.

Bugs fixed
  • New turbulent wind files could not be read if a previously used one had been deleted
  • Models shared with a turbulent wind file could not be shared on the cloud
  • Turbulent wind could not be run with user defined turbulence intensity in batch
  • Multiple models were created when an Ashes file was opened from outside Ashes

Known issues
  • When using blades with prebend, the prebending does not follow the pitching of the blades

Version 3.10.1 [2019-05-22]

Issue with turbulent wind fixed, in addition to some other minor fixes. 

Version 3.10.0 [2019-05-15]

  • Benchmark: automated testing of the code run every night
  • UX: possibility to import models from OpenFast
  • UX: direct access to the User Manual added for all parameters
  • Cloud: IBM cloud implemented: contact us to use the cloud capabilities
  • UX: automatic turbulent wind generation in time simulation
  • Sim: Additional ramp-up function
  • UX: 'export all sensors' button added
  • Batch: Statistics folder added to batch results
  • Aero: DTU prebend blades added to the blade database
  • Sim: Initial RPM set to 0 for a blocked main shaft
  • Aero: Number of BEM iterartions added to blade sensor
  • Batch: All environmenral parameters added to the batch manager
  • Batch: All model parameters added to the batch manager
  • Aero: Cp curve generator skips TSRs that do not converge
  • Hydro: Possibility to import irregular wave files
  • Hydro: tuning factor for added mass added

Bugs fixed
  • Angles were given in radians in node sensor
  • Filling density in support structures was not exported
  • Edit window in XFoil could not be closed
  • Crash when searching eigenfrequencies with an external controller
  • Initial pitch was not being taken into account
  • Output in the wind sensor was not correct
  • Rectangular cross section did not have 2 drag coefficients
  • Linear solver was giving accelerations twice to big
  • Material keyword was asked for even when there was no material
  • Wrong line number was shown in blade error message
  • 'Controller not found' error
  • Output of the Support sensor was wrong

Known bugs/workarounds
  • On some computers, the 'Data foler' is not installed with Ashes. To add it, click 'Tools->restore data folder'.
  • On some computers, the airfoil database is not initialized properly. The first time you open Ashes, the program will crash, but will work normally after the second time.
  • On some computers, the path to save batch results is not initialized properly. Go to 'Tools->Preferences-Batch computing' and set the 'Save results to' field as required.

Version 3.9 [2019-01-08]

Known issues
Enabling external controller causes error message. FIX: Open the installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\Ashes 3.9\ControllerDllWrapper\x64, and delete the folder named Qt5Core.dll. Then, copy the file Qt5Core.dll from the root installation folder into the x64 folder (i.e. from C:\Program Files\Ashes 3.9\ to C:\Program Files\Ashes 3.9\ControllerDllWrapper\x64. After restarting Ashes, the issue will be resolved. This issue will be fixed in release 3.10.

  • Structure: pitch actuators added
  • Structure: possibility to add inertia point to input files
  • Controller: Increased stability when using DLL controllers
  • GUI: max speed button added!
  • GUI: added toggle on/off buttons for some loads
  • GUI: legend when visualizing wind field
  • GUI: possibility to have a custom x-axis range in graphs

Bugs fixed
  • No cloud results when using an external controller
  • Crash when closing Ashes while local batch is running
  • Duplicated coordinates when exporting an imported floater
  • Crash when a new blade from shape file has a polar without geometry
  • Eigenmodes with stiff blades gave wrong results 

Version 3.6 [2018-10-24]

  • Hydrodynamics: buoyancy center info added
  • Hydrodynamics: buoyancy springs now applied to both nodes of the element intersecting the water
  • Hydrodynamics: buoyancy for non-vertical/horizontal cylinders implemented
  • UX: speed increased when checking elements in support sections
  • Structural: pinned joined implemented
  • Geotech: non-linear springs take force as input
  • Structural: possibility to export mode shapes

Bugs fixed
  • Bug in the calculation of length of wire per coil, in PMSG generator
  • Structural scale factor for blade was also scaling blade masses
  • In IEC extreme winds, EWM was giving the same output as EOG
  • Default damping value for the NREL 5MW tower was incorrect
  • Wind loads were applied to tower even when aerodyn loads were disabled
  • Crash when creating a turbine with 0 blades 

Version 3.5.1 [2018-10-10]

  • Blade database: structure estimation now based on the current blade
  • Blade database: shape of the blade shown in airfoil view
  • Batch: possibility to input load files
  • Sensors: acceleration output added
  • Sensors: wind sensor added
  • Structure: automatically create many elements between 2 nodes
  • UX: updated information in the rotor
  • Possibility to apply a static force

Bugs fixed
  • Creating polars with Xfoil often led to crashes
  • For small blades, BEM loads at the root were unphysically large
  • GUI: visualization parameters adjusted for small rotors
  • It was not possible to import a tower on a multirotor turbine
  • Default buoyancy tuning factor was set to 0 instead of 1 

Version 3.4.0 [2018-09-10]

  • - batch: possibility to run batches on the cloud
  • - controller: 32-bit controller DLLs now supported
  • - geotech: non-linear p-y curves implemented
  • - sim: importing models based on element characteristics (instead of element geometry) now supported
  • - sim: solid cross-sections added
  • - sim: possibility to run static analysis
  • - UX: possibility to visualize area moments of inerta
  • - UX: possibility to define different coordinate systems for different parts
  • - UX: possibility to rename sensors
  • - sensors: statistical data added
  • - sensors: possibility to lock y-axis in graphs during simulation

Bugs fixed
  • - visualization was messy for small models
  • - not enought significant digits on the structures of saved models could lead to mass calculation inaccuracies.
  • - opening old models could lead to crashes
  • - significant wave height Hs = 0 was producing crashes
  • - exporting and importing towers on a floater gave an error message 

Version 3.3.0 [2018-06-20]

  • - sensors: kinematics added for wind, wave and current
  • - sensors: all data from sensors automatically recorded
  • - hydro: default parameters for floater changed, improving stability
  • - hydro: possibility to include drag below sea bed (for increased numerical stability on mooring lines)
  • - batch: possibility to save data after partially run batches
  • - batch: possibility to save 'model as run' for each load case in a batch
  • - batch: possibility to import turbulent wind and current files
  • - UX: more info displayed in the main window for cross-sections
  • - UX: possibility to merge graphs and open graphs in a separate window
  • - possibility to import load time-series 

Bugs fixed
  • - Area and moment of inertia of rect cross-sections were wrongly calculated
  • - Material damping info was not consistent
  • - crash on selection of 'external controller' fixed
  • - copying a blade with a specified mass would give the wrong mass
  • - Cloud models could not be renamed
  • - Blade station sensors name were wrong
  • - Default floater did not have drag on the mooring lines
  • Version 3.2.1 [2018-05-14]
  • - Two first known issues in 3.2.0 patched.
  • - Minor fixes.

Version 3.2.0

  • - Batch: batches up to 2000 load cases run on the cloud. Contact us to become a pilot user!
  • - Batch: all environmental parameters added to the batch
  • - Hydrodynamics: wave spectrum based on equal energy components
  • - Hydrodynamics: option to not iterate on the wave kinematics for each time step
  • - Hydrodynamics: stability of the floater improved
  • - Hydrodynamics: import of mooring lines (with point masses) supported
  • - Hydrodynamics: crow foot and fairleads implemented
  • - Aerodynamics: visualization of the velocity triangle added
  • - Aerodynamics: Mann turbulent wind files now supported
  • - Aerodynamics: option to use the unchanged incoming wind speed in BEM
  • - Aerodynamics: geometry of the DU airfoils added
  • - Hydrodynamics: parameter for tidal level added
  • - Hydrodynamics: user defined current
  • - Structure: material damping now supported
  • - UX: theory manual and user manual added
  • - UX: dll for OC4 semi-submersible added
  • - Solver and visualization optimizations
  • - Added OC3 Phase IV controller dll 64-bit

Known issues and workarounds
  • - An extra tubular tower can become stuck on the platform in the Eigenmodes window. This will affect the eigenmodes, and hence give wrong results.
  • - Hydro load added mass is too small, doesn't use the outer diameter as input.
  • Sometimes models from the cloud don't open.
  • > close ashes
  • > open an explorer window and type %temp%
  • > delete the ashes model that does not open
  • - No mooring lines appear when importing them on a model with already imported mooring lines.
  • > right-click on 'Mooring system'
  • > select 'Configure moorings'
  • > select the nodes where mooring lines should be connected
  • > press OK
  • - Sometimes templates or recent models don't open
  • > restart ASHES

Bugs fixed
  • - DTU controller memory/state not reset between runs
  • - Old batches could not be loaded and caused a crash
  • - Sensor floater was giving wrong values
  • - Elements initially below sea bed were not getting hydro loads when above sea bed
  • - First wind speed in turbulent wind always had mean value
  • - Blades copied in the database had the wrong mass
  • - Sea bed interaction was always present even when disabled
  • - The blade tip node had initial 0 speed
  • - Turbine could be scaled twice by pressing the scaling button 

Version 3.1.6

  • - Hydrodynamics: Spectral Peak parameter can be automatically calculated from DNV RP-C205
  • - Hydrodynamics: Possible to specify tide level
  • - Hydrodynamics: Possible to decouple drag and inertia with respect to movement
  • - Batch: Possible to close a model and still have the batch running
  • - GUI: Button added to scale turbine according to blade length
  • - GUI: Live option for Generator
  • - GUI: Live option for pitch
  • - UX: added info in airfoil geometry file
  • - UX: error messages when file format is wrong
  • - UX: Possible to clone and then modify blades in blade database

Bugs fixes
  • - all selected sensors were not applied to batch simulations
  • - export of support structure with Marine growth gave wrong cross sections
  • - 2 supports on one node would make ASHES crash
  • - Yawing the turbine gave wrong tower shadow
  • - OC5 controller was outdated 

Version 3.1.5

  • - New file format: previous text files will not work in this version
  • - Hydrodynamics: possibility of specifying seeds for irregular waves
  • - Multi-rotors: improved visualization of multi-rotors in turbulent wind tool
  • - Geotechnics: soil damping now supported
  • - Import/export of batch characteristics now supported
  • - Generator model: asynchronous generator implemented
  • - GUI: axis of the model added on the main window
  • - GUI: more consistent definition of elements and nodes
  • - GUI: possibility of adding sensors from the info pane
  • - Hydrodynamics: flooded elements implemented
  • - Hydrodynamics: marine growth implemented
  • - Multi-rotors: independent sensors for different rotors
  • - Gearbox: mechanical loss added
  • - Simulation speed for imported truss towers greatly improved
  • - Latest version of Turbsim now included in Ashes installer

Bugs fixed
  • - Material was not saved when saving a model
  • - Masses of the RNAs for multi-rotor turbines were not correctly accounted for
  • - Springs on monopiles where only shown in the y-direction
  • - The DTU blade was shipped with a mirrored structural twist angle
  • - Stability of the turbulent wind tool improved
  • - Hydrodynamics: current angle was not applied for elements above the MSL
  • - Shared models with an external controller can now be opened 

Version 3.1.0

  • - Cloud features: Online sharing of models, inviting other users and creating shared folders.
  • - Hydrodynamics: Wheeler stretching implemented. Can be enabled from the Sea item.
  • - Hydrodynamics: McCamy-Fuchs loading on circular elements now supported.
  • - Hydrodynamics: Improved numerics in surface. Better visualization of drag/inertia loads.
  • - Waves: Double Jonswap spectrum is now supported.
  • - Solver: New energy residual calculation, greatly improving solution correctness. Absolute tolerance can be enabled for low-energy situations.
  • - Blade designer: By default, the number of structural elements will be twice the number of blade stations.
  • - Blades: Polars for all Re added for S286 foil.
  • - Generator models: Radial and axial generators improved for use in NTNU course TEP4175 fall 2017.
  • - A Seabed part will now be active in offshore models, while Ground is shown for onshore.

Bugs fixed
  • - Batch: Could not change regular wave period from 10 s.
  • - Batch: Limits of input values not applied correctly, causing TurbSim to crash.
  • - Sensors: Support sensor didn't show the gravity from the half of the last element.
  • - Turbine characteristics: Changing model did not affect CP/CT values.
  • - Live parameters were not saved. 

Version 3.0.15

  • - Controller: Added integrated compiler for fortran source code. Automatic recompilation when source code changes. Multiple input files supported. The DTU 10-MW reference controller is now supported and working.
  • - Controller: Built-in NREL 5MW instabilities and incorrect torque curve due to wrong transition points fixed. Controller now has correct default gains. Units of gains now correct.
  • - Generator: Can now set generator slip percentage and maximum generator torque percentage.
  • - Semisubmersible: Default model now more stable due to more realistic structural properties. Default ballast changed to 65 % for stability.
  • - Batch: Batches can now be re-run with one click. Stepwise wind file can now be set as input to a load case.
  • - Batch: Turbulent wind now uses the timestep from time simulation as default.

Bugs fixed
  • - Poisson's ratio of material was incorrectly saved.
  • - Eigenmodes view: Tool bar buttons not working.
  • - Crash when opening model with new material.
  • - Front shaft bearing incorrectly placed. Improved information output of Main shaft.
  • - Second time saving model would give previous model.
  • - Batch: Turbulent wind number of grid points incorrect when re-running batch.

Known issues and workarounds
  • - Hub Inertia value larger than 0 gives wrong eigenmodes. Default is now set to 0. Point inertias should not be used at the moment.
  • - Drag and mass coefficients in support structure input file is not read correctly, and should not be used at the moment. - Mooring lines are misplaced when importing from file.
  • - Rotor characteristics/Cp curve is incorrect--seems to be computed from the default turbine unaffected by changes.
  • - Yawing the turbine gives incorrect computations.