Time simulation job

A Time simulation job is an instance of a Load case  and it is typically 1 of more instances. A time simulation (dynamic) load case usually is stochasitc and usually has more than 1 jobs - typically 6 jobs of 10 min simulation time (for onshore wind turbines). Typically, each job has different turbulent wind.

It is the stochastic nature of environmental loading - in particular wind and waves - that motivates several time simulation jobs for a single load case. If all loading defined by a load case is deterministic, a single time simulation job is usually used.

Time simulation jobs are only relevant in the Batch manager (and not in the Simulation window). An important difference between a time simulation job and a running time simulation in the 'Time simulation' window is that for the job, the duration is set before the start. 

The image below gives an example of Time simulation jobs used in a batch. This batch has two load case sets (see Load case set).
  • The first load case set is caled 'Operational conditions' and has six Load cases (see Load case). The first of these load cases is called '4 ms' and will generate six jobs, since the parameter Jobs is set to 6. Each of these jobs will have a turbulent wind with an average speed of 4 m/s with a different seed. Similarly, all the other load cases of this load case set will generate 6 jobs.
  • The second load case set is called 'Parked conditions' and has two load cases. The first of these load cases is called '50y' and will generate one job.

At the bottom of the window, you can see the number of jobs in the batch. See also Load case and Load case set