Network installation guide

The Ashes installation executable supports silent installation, which is suited when installing it remotely or with a script.

1  Silent/unattended installation

By providing a few arguments to the installer, it will perform a silent/unattended installation:
ashes-x.y.z-x64-setup /VERYSILENT /NORESTART

Currently, the installer will only install Ashes' data files (in the Documents folder) for the user that runs the installer. When another user starts Ashes, he/she will have to go Tools | Restore data files. This will be improved in a future version of Ashes.
Alternatively, a log-on script for each user can be executed calling C:\Program Files\Ashes x.yy\ashes.exe -restoreuserfiles. This will restore the data files without showing a window.
For more information about command line parameters to the installer, see Innosetup - Setup Command Line Parameters.