Debugging your simulations

As you work with Ashes it might happen that the simulation does not behave as you expected. In most cases, this is due to the model not being defined correctly and can be solved by modifying your input.
  • If you are prompted with an error message, you can follow the steps described in the message or check the Error messages section
  • You can also check whether another user has had similar issues on our user forum following this link: If no one has, please post a question yourself giving as much info as you can about the error:
      - What is the error? Why is what happened not what you expected?
      - What steps did you take in Ashes before the error occurred?
      - What is your use case? What type of results are you trying to obtain with Ashes?
      - Do not hesitate to add screenshots to explain your issue.
If the problems lies in the Dll defining an External controller, you can see how to obtain debugging information in the Debugging the controller section.

If you encounter issues that cannot be solved following the steps previously mentioned, for example errors related to your computer, we can help you fix the problem. Contact us at, explaining in details the steps you followed prior to the error occurring. Please attach the log files produced by Ashes to help us with the debugging. You can find the log files by following the instructions in the Debug log file section.

Note: generally, the fastest way to get your problems sorted with Ashes is
  • First check the user manual 
  • If you don't find the answer, post a question in the forum 
  • If that does not help, contact us at

3.13.1 Crash report Debug log file Actions log file Minidump file Ashes project
3.13.2 Debugging the controller
3.13.3 Error messages Displacement and load residual tolerances were not reached The hub must be higher than half of the turbulent wind field height Ill-conditioned or non-invertible system Duplicated blades One or more parts of the model have errors A rotor moved outside of the boundary of the turbulent wind field The turbulent wind file was not found The spring had a displacement outside the range provided The solver detected infinite numerical values The analysis ran into a numerical problem Damping parameters give unphisical values The controller DLL was not running Induced velocity was larger than relative velocity File import Unrecognized keywords All offsets have to be zero at the root The blade name was not found in the database Part name not found Parameter not used in the context Values in table must be strictly increasing Not a valid tag parameter A tag cannot have a tag that influences placed after it The name of the imported support section must be equal to the name of the existing support section File for parameter X could not be loaded Number of RNAs in the imported file error Duplicated sensor Python API errors Python script maximum timeout exceeded Could not find a Python executable The Python script process exited with an error message