Ashes 3.20

1 Features/improvements

  • Ashes can now be run from the Command Line Interface, enabling easier scripting and integration into other processes
  • RNAs can be set as downwind, the tower shadow is then computed with the Powles model
  • A fatigue report is now produced for a batch, giving a fatigue life that combines all load cases according to their probability of occurrence
  • FFT graphs can now directly be plotted from Ashes
  • Improvements in the display of the information window
  • New S-N curves have been added
  • Automatic calculation of Stress Concentration Factors for joints in truss towers improved
  • Relative damage and Relative damage per cycle added to fatigue sensor output 
  • Load cases in a batch can be automatically generated by importing a wind rose file
  • Wave conditions can be automatically generated from wind conditions in batch
  • PID blade pitch controller can now be used for controllers that do not have a rated RPM (ex: Live)
  • Links from error messages to UM have been added

2 Known issues and workarounds

  • there can be issues when importing a support section with a custom name. Keeping the default support section solves it
  • when scaling a bade up or down, the offsets of the structural sections are set to 0. They can be manually adjusted from the Blade structure text file
  • Mann turbulent wind file cannot be read if there are spaces after the last semi-column. Generating such files from Ashes and copying the format solves the issue.

3 Bugs fixed

  • The inertia of stiff blades was incorrectly applied when yawing the RNA
  • Small stress ranges were incorrectly accounted for when estiating the fatigue life from histogram
  • Output files in the Statistics folder had the suffix .txt written twice
  • When a model was shared on the cloud, nonlinear springs would become linear
  • The visualisation of the wind field had inverted low and high speeds