Fluid kinematics sensor

You can view the fluid kinematics at a load by adding a Fluid kinematics sensor. This sensor shows the velocity and/or acceleration (i.e. kinematics) of the relevant fluid that is giving loads on the node in question - at the node in question. Thus, this is the kinematics at the node's position at the given point in time, i.e. the position changes dynamically with the node's position.
Fluid loads (in air from wind or in the sea from waves and currents) on nodes are typically lumped loads from one (of possibly more) elements connected to the node. The load is calculated based on the relevant fluid kinematics at the midpoint of the element (and NOT at the node itself). Thus, the fluid kinematics from the sensor will typically have a small discrepancy compared to the fluid kinematics producing the load.
There are three different parameters that can be shown in the sensor. A parameter is shown in the sensor if the node has a load that uses the fluid parameter in question (see table below as Activating loads).
Fluid kinematics sensors cannot be added for blade nodes

To add a fluid kinematics sensor, right-click on the node and toggle the sensor on by clicking the sensor button, as shown on the picture below. Note that it is easier to visualize the nodes in wireframe mode by clicking the Wireframe button in the top ribbon of the Simulation window.

The fluid kinematics shown in this sensor are given in the global coordinate system (see Coordinate systems)

For each output, both the three components of the fluid kinematics and its magnitude (indicated by the mention "mag." in parenthesis) are given. The fluid kinematics sensor provides the following fields

Particle acceleration (sea)m.s-2Acceleration of the water particle producing the load. Activating loads: Wave load inertia, Added-mass (perp.) eq. load, Heave plate inertia load, Heave plate added-mass eq. load (only shown for wave inertia loads)
Particle velocity (sea)m.s-1Velocity of the water particle producing the load. Activating loads: Hydro drag load, Heave plate drag load.
Particle velocity (wind)m.s-1Velocity of the air particle producing the load. Activating loads: Aero drag load.