WT - Wind turbine

The meaning of Wind turbine is the whole system you are simulation in ASHES, incl. RNA, the support structure with all its support sections, and the mooring in the case of a floating wind turbine.

When you start ASHES you have the option of using one of the four wind turbine templates as a starting point: 
  1. RNA only, i.e. no support structure
  2. Typical onshore wind turbine
  3. Typical offshroe, bottom fixed wind turbine
  4. Typical floating wind turbine
When the term model is used in ASHES it means not only the WT, but also 'everything' else that is a part of the simulation, such as Environemnt, Wind, and Sea. Model can be thought of as the world ASHES is simulating.

The term turbine is used to mean different things in different contexts/industries and can thus be confusing. In Wikipedia Turbine is defined as ... a rotary mechanical device that extracts energy from a fluid flow and converts it into useful work. Thus, the rotor of the WT is in some context called a turbine since it deffinitely extracts energy from a fluid. Although this makes sense, by convention, in ASHES we only use the term turbine in the word wind turbine with the above meaning. Thus, the rotor is always called rotor and never turbine.