Blade Aerodynamical Station

In Ashes, the shape of a blade is defined by aerodynamic characteristics (such as Chord length  or Twist ) at a number of positions along the blades. Each of these positions is called a Blade aerodynamical station. Blade aerodynamical stations are drawn with dotted lines on the blade itself when visualizing the blade, as shown in the picture below:

When computing aerodynamic loads on the blade with the BEM algorithm, each Blade aerodynamical station is assumed to affect the blade over a length called Influence length

The location and characteristics of each blade aerodynamical station of a particular blade is defined in the Blade database (BDB) entry for that blade. An aerodynamic shape of a blade in the BDB can be imported from a text file and exported to a text file, see Blade shape file. During a time simulation, it is possible to get live information on a blade station by using the Blade aerodynamical station sensor or the Velocity triangle

Blade aerodynamical station is sometimes called simply aerodynamical station.