Load case

A Load case is a combination of parameters that define an Ashes model (they can be parameters defining the Environment or the Wind turbine). Any parameter that can be modified in the Simulation window can also be modified in a load case.
It is typical to define a load case as corresponding to an Environmental condition. For example, a load case could correpond to a situation where the wind is turbulent with a mean wind speed of 12 m/s and the waves are irregular with a peak period of 10 s and a significant height of 6 m.

Load cases are only relevant in the Batch manager

The image below gives an example of Load cases used in a batch. In this case, there are two Load case sets (see Load case set).
  • The first load case set, called 'Operational conditions', is composed of six load cases. The first of these load cases is called '4 ms' and corresponds to a situation where the wind is turbulent and has a mean wind speed of 4 m/s and the main shaft is freely rotating (i.e. the parameter Bearings locked is set to false). The other load cases of the first load case set are similar but have different average wind speeds.
  • The second load case set, called 'Parked conditions' is composed of two load cases. The first load case is called '50y', and corresponds to a situation where the Extreme Wind Model from the IEC extreme events is used with a return period of 50 years. The second load case has the same wind condition with a return period of 1 year. Both these load cases have the bearings of the main shaft locked.

At the bottom of the window, you can see the number of Load cases in the batch. See also Load case set and Time simulation job