Ashes 3.19

Released on 2023-01-12

1 Features/improvements

  • Fatigue analysis added: Rainflow counting used on max normal stress and used to compute fatigue life based on existing SN curves
  • Added non-linear rotational springs
  • Batch can be generated from scatter diagram
  • When using mode shapes as initial conditions, the mode shapes are saved with the model
  • New model added for Glauert correction 
  • Link to User Manual added to several error messages
  • Drag and drop graphs re-implemented
  • Sensors can be viewed and deleted from the Batch window
  • New blades added for the DTU 10-MW wind turbine to solve issue at low speeds (see DTU 10-MW)
  • DTU 10-MW with stuff blades: controller added
  • time simulation graphs can be exported to PDF and .svg

2 Known issues and workarounds

  • When sharing a model with non-linear springs on the cloud, the non-linear springs become linear
  • Scaling blades does not account for offsets
  • cash when opening a saved model that had a PID yaw controller
  • the visualisation for wind has inverted low and high wind speeds. For example, when having a shear and visualising the wind, it will appear as if the high winds are at closer to the ground. This only affects visualisation, the results are still correct.
  • When selecting the IEA 15-MW RNA from the RNA database, the center of mass of the nacelle is downwind, when we think it should be upwind (see note in Reference models)

3 Bugs fixed

  • 6x6 stiffness matrix as spring stopped working from support structure input file, now fixed
  • SensorFields preferences not exported correctly
  • last open polar is shown for airfoils that had no polars
  • Python controller for pitch produces 0 deg pitch angle on first time step
  • Turb wind for tubular tower only crashes
  • Cloud models cannot be opened
  • error when displaying the particle kinematics with stream function
  • Unit for Blade nodal loads in the the load sensor was 1000x
  • Rotational inertia for IEA 15-MW blades was wrong
  • crash when visualising wind field for turbulent wind wittout an RNA
  • Total hydro loads sensor wrong for total inertia
  • crash when doing eigenanalysis with p-y curves
  • visualisation for structural offsets was the wrong sign
  • tangential induction factor was going towards 0 with unsteady BEM