Blade structure twist

The blade structure twist is similar to the Blade shape twist, but affects the structural properties of the blade. It applies to the individual Blade structural elements. A twist angle of 0 means that the Edgewise stiffness is in the direction perpendicular to the Blade reference line and parallel to the rotor plane. The Flapwise stiffness will be in a direction perpendicular to the Blade reference line and perpendicular to the Edgewise stiffness direction. The positive direction is clockwise when looking from the tip towards the root of the blade.

Note: this parameter is defined for each blade structural element in the Blade structure file 

The blade structure twist does not necessarily have to be the same as the blade shape twist, but is generally similar. In order to visualize the blade structure twist, you can go to the Display settings and check the Show pseudo dimensions box in the Visibility tab.