The spring had a displacement outside the range provided

With nonlinear springs, you can encounter the following error:

This occurs when the displacement of a node attached to a nonlinear spring was larger than the largest dispplacement value provided in the py curve. The error message specifies what table is the one for which the error occured, in the present case PyCurve1.

In the present example, the displacement was larger than 0.05 m, as shown in the figure below

The support structure for this model was a monopile. If we open the monpile input file, where the py curves are defined, we see that the table defining the py curve only goes until 0.05 m, as shown in the image below:

To solve this problem, it is enough to just add an arbitrarily large displacement value with the same load to the table. For example, here, one could add the line 5   591584.7226  at the end of the table.