DTU 10-MW steady state performance, Timoshenko blades and offsets

In this document we compare results produced by Ashes with the DTU 10-MW wind turbine for constant uniform wind speeds ranging from 4 to 25 m.s-1. This test is a copy of the test DTU 10-MW steady state performance, with the following modifications:
  • the Default element type in the Analysis tab is set to Timoshenko
  • the moments and offsets switches in the Blade modeling section of the Aerodynamics tab are toggled on

We expect the results to be close enough to the original test to be able to use the same benchmark. Note that for the high wind speed cases, some results from Ashes deviated from the benchmark slightly more than in the original test. We do not know whether the blade in the specification document includes offsets, but this test shows that including offsets in Ashes gives reasonable reults. The threshold for this test to pass is 10% (whereas the threshold for the original test is 5%).

The report with the results can be downloaded here:

https://www.simis.io/downloads/open/benchmarks/current/DTU 10-MW steady state performance - Timoshenko blades with offsets.pdf