1.1 Latest reports
1.2 Analytical tests
1.2.1 Structural tests Decay test tower Spring test Nonlinear spring test Nonlinear rotational spring test Static pull: one-element model Element weight Blade structural offsets Timoshenko Blade Blade decay test Blade rotational inertia Fatigue test Blade shear center offset Eigenfrequency circular cylinder Maximum stress
1.2.2 Unit tests Euler-Bernoulli element with shear/mass center offsets
1.2.3 Environmental conditions IEC extreme winds
1.2.4 Control system Emergency stop
1.2.5 Aerodynamics Cylindrical blade One airfoil blade fixed One airfoil blade Aerodynamical reference point eccentricity Tower shadow potential flow Tower shadow Powles model BEM - velocity triangle video
1.2.6 Hydrodynamics Morison test Buoyancy test
1.3 Benchmarking tests
1.3.1 Benchmark from Bell (1987) Cantilever beam Cantilever beam with two simple supports
1.3.2 Benchmark from Irgens (1985)
1.3.3 Benchmark from MacNeal (1985) Curved beam Straight beam Twisted beam
1.3.4 DTU 10-MW Benchmarks DTU 10-MW steady state performance DTU 10-MW steady state performance, stiff blades DTU 10-MW blade eigenfrequencies DTU 10-MW steady state performance, Timoshenko blades DTU 10-MW steady state performance, Timoshenko blades and rotational inertia DTU 10-MW steady state performance, Timoshenko blades and offsets DTU 10-MW whole turbine eigenfrequencies
1.3.5 OC3 Benchmarks OC3 Phase I OC3 Phase I load case 1.2 OC3 Phase II OC3 Phase II load case 1.2
1.3.6 OC4 Benchmarks OC4 Phase I load case 1.0b
1.3.7 IEA 15-MW Benchmarks IEA 15-MW steady state performance IEA 15-MW blade eigenfrequencies IEA 15-MW monopile weight IEA 15-MW tubular tower weight
1.3.8 NREL 5-MW Benchmarks NREL 5-MW eigenfrequencies
1.3.9 MacCamy-Fuchs test
1.3.10 Dynamic stall test
1.3.11 Stream function test Peeringa benchmark Fenton benchmark
1.3.12 Morison total load