Parameter not used in the context

When importing a CSV file in the Batch manager, you can come across the following error message:

This error happens when one of the Parameters from the csv file could not be applied to the model because another parameter prevents Ashes to do so. This could happen for example if you have set the gearbox ratio to be calculated from the Generator data, but you still have entered a gearbox ratio in your csv file, as shown below:

Note: the error message tells you where the problematic parameter is. In this case, it is on Column J, Line 6

In this example, for load case 2, the gearbox ratio will be calculated from the generator data. In this context, a value for the gearbox ratio should not be manually entered by the user and instead the text N/A (for 'Not applicable') should be entered.

Modifying the CSV file to the following picture will solve the issue: