Video Tutorials

We have made a playlist with video tutorials to help you getting started with Ashes, that you can find here: 
If you wish to see a video about a topic that we have not covered, please let us know in the comments.

These are the videos that you will find in the playlist:
  1. Getting started: the basics of Ashes (
  2. Getting the eigenmodes of your structure (
  3. Getting the Cp curve of your rotor (
  4. Creating an airfoil and adding aerodynamic coefficients with multiple reynolds numbers (
  5. Creating your custom blade (
  6. Ashes and notepad++ (
  7. Design a custom support structure (
  8. Generate and use a turbulent wind field (
  9. Get loads from your structure (
  10. Sharing your models on the cloud (
  11. Run multiple simulations simultaneously with the batch manager (
If for any reason you cannot access YouTube, our videos are also available on our server here.