The blade name was not found in the database

You will get this error when you try importing a CSV file with a blade name that Ashes does not find in the Blade database . The error message looks like this:

The error message tells you what the incorrect Blade name was and where in the CSV file it was found.

If you get this error message, make sure that
  • you spelled the blade name correctly
  • the blade is actually in the Blade database (check that it was not deleted). Note that some blades could be hidden as experimental blades (check the Blade database document to see how to show them)
If you have checked these two points and you are still having this issue, there could be an error in your blade database file, This should not be the case unless you have modified this file yourself. If the name in your blade database file is different from the uniqueName, Ashes will return this error. We do not recommend that users open and modify this file, so if you get this error message despite having checked the two points above, just get in touch with us at and we'll help you out.